Friday, November 5, 2010

Who would of known that you guys like women!

**Just a small update, I have made a new blog about tech news and the such. Check it out if you can :) **

Alright, seems you guys really like the pics of hot chicks in bikinis I am putting up.. so, I think instead of once a week, I might make this blog strictly, hot chicks and my thoughts once in a while.

Tell me in Comments, which direction you think (and would like) this blog to go? Hot chicks as much as possible? once a week to not over do it? More Cat and Dog stuff like I did earlier? Let me know (and give me ideas as well!) :).... Without further ado...

Renee is featured as the March girl in the 2011 SUNshine Girl Calendar.


  1. cant argue with that... damn with that lace...

  2. I like hot chicks, but you make my wife jealous...

  3. What a coincidence, I love these pics too.

  4. hot pics and words dont go together ,..chose to look at pic ,ignored what you wrote O.o

  5. the things I would do to her.... I vote for hot chicks mate, followed.