Saturday, November 6, 2010

NHL Game Tonight.


God I hope the Leafs win tonight :) Not expecting much as usual tho...


  1. Hope is a good game, though

  2. Fingers crossed it is a good game and the Leafs win!

  3. I used to watch all the time. I gotta get back into it. Good post though

  4. A update after the first period. 1 – 0 for the Leafs. Goal scored by Mikhail Grabovski with 16 seconds left in the period. Go Leafs Go.

    I'll keep you updated throughout the game, but I usually get bored after halfway through the game. We will see how my attention span goes.

  5. pretty! I like team logos that are strong.

  6. Since I'm from Vancouver, I'm a Canucks fan!

  7. Update, I have managed to miss the first half of the second period. During the intermission, I started to fool around with Dragon Naturally Speaking… So far it's a pretty good program, it allows me to type while I speak, but it sometimes makes mistakes because it has the IQ threshold of a mentally retarded person.

    So far the game is 2-1 for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    BUF: Roy, D. (18:46 in 2nd)
    TOR: Grabovski, M. (19:43 in 1st), Kulemin, N. (15:41 in 2nd) GOALIES
    BUF: J. Enroth TOR: J. Giguere

    Hip Hop Rising: I can agree with that, the Leafs haven't had the best track record… Or for that matter I could say they had the worst… Hopefully things will begin to look up.

  8. I like the logo for the sabres. Go leafs!